Local Evangelism Project

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Instructions and resource materials for developing your own local evangelism program for your church

I. Program Involvement

II. Program Involvement - Application

Planning and Preparation to Put Program into Action

III. Leadership - Developing the Proper Team

IV. Responsibilities Within the Congregation

V. Local Workshop - Work Together More Effectively

Program Preparation

  1. Establish calendar for personal visits.
  2. Obtain the mailing list for those within 100 miles of your location. Headquarters will probably follow-up.
  3. Develop concept for monthly mailing. (Modified Friendship Package) Include:
  4. Set up team to follow-up on mailing, addressing, etc.

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Note: No information, procedures or instructions in the Resource section are to be considered as church policy or directives. The Resource section offers suggestions and information to aid you in your own decision making process.