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Instructions and guidelines for publishing a newsletter for your local ICG church.

Why produce a local newsletter?
  1. Creates and maintains interest in local church.
  2. It is a historical record of your local church
  3. It advertises your church
  4. It is a great enclosure for the Friendship Package Program.
How often should we publish the newsletter?
Usually every month or two months.
  1. To keep stories and information fresh.
  2. To meet the needs of other programs such as the Sabbath Package Program.
  3. Longer waits make the project larger and harder to complete.
  4. A smaller newsletter is more apt to be read.
Which software is best to publish to newsletter?
  1. Microsoft Publisher is a good choice.

    A. Low cost
    B. Easy to manipulate both text and graphics.
    C. Software designed for newsletter production.
    D. Several Newsletter templates included with software.
    E. Website staff has extensive experience and can supply newsletter design help.
  2. You may also publish your newsletter with Microsoft Word, Pagemaker, or Printmaster Gold to mention a few. Your choice of software will depend upon your knowledge and experience with your computer and software.
What items can be included in a local newsletter?
  1. Location of services (put on last page).
  2. Church Events
    A. Visit by Mr. Armstrong
    B. Visit by ministers.
    C. Potlucks
    D. Picnics
    E. Special Holy Day Services (locations, programs, etc.)
    F. Bible Studies
  3. Church Projects
  4. Local Evangelism Efforts
  5. Local council or Board meetings
  6. Leadership training
  7. Congregational meetings
  8. Local Church service positions
  9. Sabbath Package Program
  10. Feast information and planning
  11. Sabbath School News
  12. News of your area and area coordinator
  13. Poems
  14. Inspirational stories
  15. Information on church service programs
  16. Prayer list
  17. Upcoming events
  18. Bible study questions
  19. Personal written by minister or area coordinator
  20. Birthdays, weddings, & deaths
Please share with us your newsletter ideas, suggestions, and experiences. Contact us.

Note: No information, procedures or instructions in the Resource section are to be considered as church policy or directives. The Resource section offers suggestions and information to aid you in your own decision making process.