Disclaimer - ICG Church Web Site

All links in the ICG web site to other, outside sites are provided for your interest, information and research. We are not responsible for the content of these outside sites. Though we take every step to bring you high quality sites, we cannot be responsible for every bit of content to include but not limited to:
  • advertisements found at the site
  • banners which appear on the site
  • pop-up windows generated while you visit the site
  • links to third party sites they have posted at their site
  • scope of the site or content
  • purpose of the site or content
  • politics of the site or content
  • editorial opinion of the site or content
  • any graphic or text deemed offensive to the visitor
  • actions or reputation of the owners or webmasters of the site
Going to any web site is every bit the same as going to a book store or supermarket. We do not generally reject nor condemn a book store or refuse patronage for its selling books offensive to us. We do not generally reject nor condemn a supermarket or refuse patronage because they sell unclean meat. We go to these places to glean appropriate books and clean and healthy foods. It is the same with web sites. We visit reputable sites and glean from them information and resources appropriate to our needs; things of good report.

Some of the outside links in the ICG web site are to whole sites. Others are linking the user to a specific page or section of the site. These will generally be self-evident.

Once we post a link, we make periodical checks to insure the site or page has not negatively changed. However, should you wish to bring anything to our attention, contact us immediately at chriscumming@gtatv.org.

This disclaimer applies to every page on this ICG site with links to web sites outside of the ICG web site.