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Weekly Update from Headquarters 

22 July 2016         printer-friendly

Greetings from Tyler,


This time last week we were reeling and mourning for the loss of nearly one hundred innocent civilians whose only mistake was attending a fireworks display in Nice, France as they marked their independence day.  What should have been a joyous and peaceful gathering was turned into an evil nightmare by a militant Islamic savage.  He wasn't on any watch list.  We've heard he wasn't even a religious zealot.  Apparently he was a non-observant Muslim who drank, took drugs and broke all kinds of Islamic prohibitions.  Maybe, after ingesting the poison of ISIS propaganda, figured he could take the shortcut to nirvana by slaughtering infidels, including women and ten little children.


Now we learn that French authorities have arrested another five who were involved in the plot and according to reports had been planning the attack for a year.  No doubt we'll eventually learn what motivated the murderous driver of a delivery truck and his accomplices.  Our domestic media will probably go out of its way to try to explain that there was something, anything other than radical Islam behind one of the most abhorrent acts imaginable.


Last week's Update began with the words, “What will we mourn next week?”  It only took one day before we had some inkling.  That's when we got the news of the Afghan refugee in Bavaria who attacked twenty rail passengers using knives and an ax, shouting allah akbar at the top of his lungs as he wounded three critically and injured many others before being shot to death by police as he tried to escape.  In addition to those physically wounded, many others were in a profound state of terror and shock and needed the attendance of counselors.  As usual, ISIS celebrated.  Interesting that he was one of the “poor immigrants” for whom the pope has been an advocate.  He was one of those who purportedly “deserved” the empathy and the generosity of western society.  Angela Merkel should have attended his funeral, after all, she's the one who invited the Muslim onslaught to Europe.  This sub-human little ingrate had even been placed in the spare room of a couple (ID unknown) to live in their apartment and had been there “for a few months.”


But maybe he didn't come for refuge.  He apparently was not moved by the generosity he'd been shown.  Yes, the New York Times has already found that he had a grievance, a friend of his had been killed in Afghanistan and he was distraught.  Funny how “distress” explains all kinds of unspeakable evil when Muslims are murdering the hated infidels.  We keep getting lectured about how the acceleration of these events across the western world have nothing to do with Muslims or Islam, even when there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary.  The logical response along the lines of political correctness would be to make all European citizens hand over their knives and axes.  In this case the murderer had posted a video online informing his “friends” that he was about to go kill some infidels and asking for prayer that he'd be accepted into “heaven.”  And this guy was described as an observant Muslim.  Hello, Mr. President!


Some of the stories about the train attack reminded readers that there had not been an overt jihadist terrorist attack in Germany for nearly a year.  Of course that couldn't be said about France, Belgium, or any of the other core members of the European Union, but the papers found it an anomaly in Germany and authorities openly hoped citizens wouldn't get too “worked up” and make things uncomfortable for the 1.2 million new refugees in Germany alone.  After all, we in western society have had it pounded into our heads that “diversity” is what makes us strong. 


Whoever boasted of the year with no terrorist attacks in Germany is now being forced to eat those words.  By now you know of the news breaking out of Germany today.   Islamic gunmen suddenly started killing children eating at a McDonalds in a shopping mall in Munich.  They don't even know how many are dead yet, at least nine and maybe as many as twelve.  At this writing, the police don't know where the shooters went. One may be dead, but at least two others are thought to be at large.  Munich is shut down.  All public transportation has been halted.  The public is being warned to stay in their homes and is observing the now familiar order to “shelter in place.” 


Prepare for some tremendous grief and heartbreak as we learn the details of the innocent children and their families who stopped at McDonald's.  Surely it has already occurred to you that McDonald's is an American symbol, and that is part of the Islamist's “message.”  Maybe you'll remember that the recent attack at the airport in Istanbul took place in front of an American Airlines ticket counter.  Anyone whose not getting the symbolic message of ISIS is willfully ignorant. 


What must Mrs. Merkel and her fellows in the European Union be thinking right now?  I can't help but wonder if the pope is scheduling another refugee foot-washing ceremony.  Much has been done, at unbelievable back-breaking expense to shelter and support the flood of savages that has washed over Europe.  Those who objected have been called bigots, some who've spoken out publicly have been charged with hate-crimes.  The proud self-righteousness of Europe's leadership will soon get a wake-up call from citizens who have seen just about enough already.  How many acts of inhumane evil will they endure before the facade of “multiculturalism” cracks wide open? 


Here in the United States, you might be starting to get the sensation that we've seen quite enough of leadership always lecturing citizens about our rhetoric or our thoughts every time there is a mass murder of symbolic targets.  It is the very definition of sociopathic evil.  How many more lunatics with murderous intent will be “welcomed” into Europe, the United States, Canada and Australia before the masses get a clue about what's happening to formerly peaceful societies?  How many more dozens and hundreds will have to fall victim to swarms of marauding heathen before we figure out that God's blessings have been revoked and the birthright canceled?  Indeed, the “stranger within thy gates” has gotten up very high!  The worst of our enemies now populate the homeland, and we're ordered to be proud of them.  It's just the start.  The situation has been orchestrated in such numbers that no public place in the western world can be safe or secure for years to come, perhaps never again in this age.  Any attempt to solve the mistakes of socialist, “progressive” leadership will be shouted down in the media and reviled by the elite.  The situation is dire; despite being treated as the cost of “the right thing ta dooo” by the tormentor in chief.  The situation here and abroad calls for repentance and prayer, despite elite insistence that God doesn't exist.  They'll surely find out otherwise, if they live that long.  And even if they don't…