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Weekly Update from Headquarters

26 August 2016         printer-friendly

Greetings from Tyler,



North Korea has just conducted a successful missile launch from a submarine, and now boasts that it can hit the U. S. mainland with nuclear weapons.  An article on this appeared in USA Today.  It quotes an expert who says that North Korea has not yet perfected the miniaturization of a nuclear warhead small enough to be mounted atop a missile.  That's reassuring!  But the submarine missile capability is not in dispute, and one has but to wonder how long it will be before they do in fact have the means to strike.  


You've probably seen one of the videos circulating on the nightly news over the past few days, showing Iranian gun boats swarming toward a U. S. Naval destroyer.  It has happened twice in just the last few days, with the Iranian boats slowing down only a few hundred yards from the American vessel in international waters in the Persian Gulf.  In the second incident, the American ship reportedly fired flares in a warning that they'd better stop.


So what is Iran trying to pull?  After the secret $400 million was delivered in cash, coincidentally within hours of Iran's release of American hostages, and hints that the U. S. has taken steps to pay another $1.3 billion of “their money,” you might think that the Islamic regime would have accepted the good will of the Obama administration and backed off the aggressive provocation.  Apparently not.


Iran is obviously risking incidents that could lead to war in any normal circumstance, and is not concerned about any potential consequences.  Reputable sources involved in the protracted negotiations over Iran's nuclear program have revealed that the U. S. State Department eventually gave in to every Iranian demand.  They got it all.  They continue to enrich uranium and pursue their nuclear ambitions, they were promised (and may have received) all the money left in limbo by the government of the Shah in 1979.  U. S. inspectors have no role in supervising their continued nuclear activities, and whatever UN oversight was agreed upon is murky and uncertain.  And yet they still chant “Death to America, Death to Israel” and obviously are unafraid to risk military conflict despite kid glove, even wildly generous treatment from the current administration.


It should be a disturbing lesson about the wisdom of trying to befriend barbaric Islamic zealots by exhibiting cooperative and generous diplomacy.  This was, after all, the first time the U. S. attempted to engage with Iran since the 1979 revolution that brought the Ayatollah Khomeini to power.  It represented a break with the long-standing policy of not negotiating with terrorists, and Iran is known to be the foremost financier of terror organizations on earth.  They've been behind every recent skirmish between Israel and the Palestinians, and have been the supplier of vast numbers of rockets fired at civilian targets.  


The U. S. administration believes it “bought” about eight years before Iran will be able to achieve military nuclear status, but who knows?  Iran is not known for keeping promises or telling the truth.  Somehow eight years doesn't seem that long, particularly when you look at what our kids and grandkids will be facing.  


We've referenced the ever-present crime wave playing out across Europe.  There will be a mind-boggling report in the upcoming edition of 21st Century WATCH, detailing the daily rapes, molestations, muggings and robberies by “southern immigrants” in Germany.  Very few are charged with a crime, even when caught.  State and European Union officials are adamant that citizens remain unaware of the extent of the evil conduct of the immigrant population.  And for good reason.  Alternative political parties are already showing growth across Europe, and current leaders are rightly concerned that they could all be tossed by an angry electorate if the extent of criminal behavior by the “poor immigrants” becomes common knowledge.


European officials know that ISIS has infiltrated the refugee population.  Forged passports for ISIS fighters have reportedly been found in immigrant encampments in Greece.  Nothing has been solved, nor is there any coherent strategy for dealing with the terrorists.  Several examples have shown that young children and mentally deficient teenagers are being used as executioners and suicide bombers.  The big wedding bombing in Turkey this week was purportedly carried out by a fourteen or fifteen-year-old with down syndrome, who was probably detonated remotely.  But you won't see much, if anything made of these stories in the mainstream news.  It doesn't fit the “religion of peace,” or the “widows and orphans” lies we've been told.  You know of course that there are big plans to bring tens of thousands more of these “refugees” to the United States, based on “vetting” performed by the United Nations.


Apparently there are some very powerful forces at work, encouraged by the pope and most western leaders, determined to undermine orderly society.  It's largely been accomplished in Europe, and it's underway in the United States.  We're expected to welcome it, in essence to applaud our own national suicide.  Either that or wear the epithets of bigotry and xenophobia.  Those who orchestrate our national demise fancy themselves more righteous than God in oh so many ways, assuming they acknowledge His existence at all.


But we do acknowledge His existence, thank Him for the fabulous blessings and freedoms we've enjoyed and pray for His mercy and protection in a world that has turned against Him, and against us. 




P. S.  Apologies for last week's silence.  We were out west for what turned out to be a good, successful meeting with the Sacramento congregation and visitors.  Aunt Lois Chapman is still in the hospital, but eating solid food again and expecting to be release to go home any day now.  She's in great spirits and anxious to get home.