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Weekly Update from Headquarters -
25 December 2020        printer-friendly    


Greetings from Tyler,

The speculation has probably already begun.  Merry holiday greetings arrived in the form of a giant car-bomb in downtown Nashville, and the police say it was exploded intentionally.  Eyewitness reports are flying.  Even though the blast went off at 6:30 am, it was reportedly preceded by the sound of gunshots which had first responders already on their way to the scene when the blast detonated.

Amazingly, no one was killed.  Only a few were hospitalized, apparently with minor injuries.  A security video is circulating which hears a loudspeaker announcement telling people within earshot to evacuate immediately.  A local woman is saying the announcement saved her life.  Who is responsible?  And what are the chances we'll ever know for sure?

Somebody is bound to report what all the “experts” are saying on the news networks.  They're not known to be particularly reliable, to put it mildly.  But hold on to your hat, the FIB is springing into action.  This could turn out to be bigger than the noose in Bubba's garage!  Experience tells us that information will be kept to a minimum until they charge a culprit, and then it'll be the wrong guy.  Remember the mass shooting in Las Vegas?  We still have no idea.  But it may be different this time.

The arbiters of all truth will have it figured out pretty quickly, if they don't already, and then ban all opinion to the contrary.  But the speculation has already begun, and it will accelerate.  Was it terrorism?  If so, it's the first time terrorists have gone out of their way to make sure nobody got killed.  Was it a “false flag” incident, perhaps perpetrated by the outfits responsible for investigating?  That one is already going around.  Was it disgruntled Trump supporters?  The news purveyors surely hope so.  After what we've lived through, we know for a fact that there will never be unilateral agreement on responsibility for this, no matter what they report.  We hope we're wrong.

We knew months ago that we'd be in this fix.  So far, the Supreme Court has declined to hear any evidence relating to “election irregularities,” but that may not be the end of it There may yet be cards that have not been played, and the principals seem to have remained calm.  The President may not be making plans to leave the White House after all.  Don't tell anybody in the mainstream media.  They've already popped the Champagne corks and shot off fireworks.  Their pretense that Americans are predominantly “woke” has become a self-fulfilling prophecy, and they have yet to sense that anything can change their minds.  It's going to get interesting.  It's already gotten ugly.

Finally, after years of posturing and threats, Britain's exit out of the European Union is complete British Prime Minister Boris Johnson made the announcement, and said the agreement is a five hundred page document which now has only to be approved by the House of Commons Both the EU and the British say it is a good deal for both.  It was hard-fought, and about five years in the making, and we're glad it's over with no hard feelings.

It was a brave stand by the British people, throwing off the yoke of EU demands, quotas for immigrants and the like.  It might have had something to do with sparking Americans to take a stand against our own authoritarian agencies, and the bumpy ride toward global rules and mandates.  The mainstream media assures us we're headed toward a bright future of punishment for prosperity.  They'll defend the environment by “making sure” we're properly “green,” with persuasion if necessary.

Won't it be great when we can all admit what racists we've been?  It'll be swell when we're killing time waiting for our vehicle to re-charge, and have rediscovered the wonders of composting.  We'll have the laundry blowing on the balcony (like every other 3rd world paradise), and the windmill whirring.  We'll be cooking over an open fire-- no wait-- that'll probably be banned, as it already is in every “woke” city.

With any luck at all, none of that will come to pass.  God is on His throne, and it's hard to imagine that all the liars, all the evil-doers, to include those who've defrauded all Americans' most basic rights to choose our leaders and to live in freedom, are going to be ruling over this nation.  May they rue the day they dreamed this up.



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