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Weekly Update from Headquarters 15
March 2019        printer-friendly 

Greetings from Tyler,

They're still wrangling, unsuccessfully, with so-called Brexit. Some have said they'd sign the (EU crafted) deal if Prime Minister Theresa May would resign. The complications are such that most of us wouldn't want to know the technicalities of all that is in play. The short version is that everything is delayed, again. Apparently a three month delay is in the offing, but that would take Britain into the EU elections as an active member. The fallout from that possibility is impossible to fathom. Obviously, Britain got itself into a royal mess by hooking up with the EU in the first place. It's been a roiling disaster, and it's not over yet. It may never be over.

Our news is brimming with reports of the New Zealand massacre of Muslims in their mosques, with 49 dead. The shooter memorialized and live-streamed his gruesome actions on social media, though thankfully it's not being beamed into our living rooms. But yes, New Zealand has strict gun laws. Citizens have to be licensed by Police to possess a firearm, and records are kept along with driver's license data. But the record shows that New Zealand, like Australia and Britain have used the national horror in the wake of mass shootings to confiscate and outlaw firearms. We'll see if it happens again.

It was all too predictable that President Trump would be blamed, as he was by the shooter himself and in at least one prominent British publication. The Iranians said it was because of our Constitutionally guaranteed free speech. The media darling who would destroy all of western civilization with her squeaky genius and flailing arms blamed the NRA. Undoubtedly we'll be treated to plenty more idiotic explanations and half-cocked solutions in the days ahead. Presumably, those who deserve the blame will pay dearly, as they should. There's simply no excuse for the cold-blooded murder of unsuspecting human beings, no matter what. But ISIS wants revenge, as if they've not committed similar atrocities and worse.

Hamas made the mistake of firing rockets into Israel, one targeting the modern city of Tel Aviv. Unbelievably, the launches took place while Hamas representatives were meeting with an Egyptian delegation of mediators. The Egyptians were flabbergasted, and said so. Hamas claimed it had no idea about the rockets and would investigate. Israel suggested the Egyptian delegation depart Gaza, then proceeded to pound one hundred targets with air strikes. Apparently, the Israeli military believes the explanation that the rocket launches were in fact not planned but set off accidentally by rookie ragheads. Had Israel believed the rocket attacks to have been approved by Hamas, they'd have retaliated with five times the air strikes. Just another day in paradise.

It seems everyone's having another global warming meltdown. Maybe the temperature will rise by a degree or two in the next several generations. If it does, it will have little if anything to do with American energy policies. All but the true fanatics know that China and India are the world's premier polluters, but these wild-eyed arm flappers are determined to rule over us by government mandate. That'll be the day.

We attended the funeral of Mr. Les McCullough yesterday. He was a close friend of my Dad's and we have a lot of fond memories, from Big Sandy to the hunting camps of Colorado. There was quite a turn out for his funeral held yesterday in the town of Gladewater, and our sympathies go out to Mrs. McCullough, Kim, Lynne, Michael and extended family. Have a good Sabbath,