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Weekly Update from Headquarters - 7 December 2018

Greetings from Tyler,

        “A day that will live in infamy.”  That is the quote from F.D.R. regarding the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and the loss of American lives and military assets.  It didn't work out well for the “Japs,” (a derisive nickname that was well-earned and in common news media use at the time) in the long run.

        Today, use of the term would be banished from any media mention.  Any scandalous use of the term would be deemed “racist,” cause firings, resignations and Internet platform banishment, even in the face of what they'd done.  Japan is not the country it was anymore.  But it took two nuclear weapons, the decimation of their military and the utter destruction of major cities and Japan's complete and unconditional surrender to bring the change about.

        We now live in different times, where it's “not Okay” to humiliate or utterly defeat any enemy.  No, they must be treated with respect.  And compassion.  Their population is brought in to Western nations, awarded legal residency and a pathway to citizenship.  Not only that, we should just abolish borders, all of them. Let's let any and all who can breach the invisible border come in their millions while we argue about global warming or whatever socialist plot is in vogue.

        If the brokers of information are to be believed, about half of the American population is dedicated to the defeat of the nation that God foretold in His promises for the obedience of Abraham.  One that would be a blessing to all nations of the Earth.  The country founded by men God undoubtedly chose for their roles, and inspired to write a Constitution and Laws consistent with the immutable Laws of Nature, is under attack from within. 

        America is in an informational civil war, and it's getting ugly.  It's the truth vs. the politically correct cause of global socialism.  For years the left hid its true motives behind “fairness and compassion.”  But the Presidency of one Donald J. Trump has boosted their anger, fury and hatred out into the open. The mainstream media has outed itself as a vehicle for globalist socialism as Trump tries, and in many ways succeeds, in restoring American prosperity and traditional values.

        The radicalism of the sixties has taken hold of all but a few major institutions.  Where they demanded “free speech,” now they want to control speech and banish views, and news, that doesn't comply with their “standards” regarding information (or language)  that might upset their ever-evolving self-righteous determinations of what is acceptable.  They, (deep state agencies, news media, universities, entertainment industry, and every big corporation you can think of) have the advantage. 

        They were willing to let things play out over time, as long as they held ALL the chips.  But the shocking outcome of 2016 changed all that.  Now they're angry.  Not only angry at Trump but at any who would dare to support him. 

        Have you seen how ugly things have become in France and Italy?  Economically failing socialism, open borders, government mandates and overwhelming taxation has driven the normally civilized middle class into the streets in angry protest.  These people own cars, and that's not the norm in Europe.  It looked a lot like anarchy.  They burned everything in the streets, cars, trucks, even bicycles and vandalized expensive retail shops.  They shut down major boulevards and historical monuments.  Earlier this week we read stories showing that the angry demonstrations in Paris had forced the Macron government to “delay” the imposition of a “carbon” tax that would increase prices dramatically.  To what extent the French government needs the money is unclear.  The carbon tax is intended to “change behaviors.”  Presumably that means getting people out of their cars on onto mass transportation, which is part and parcel with the globalist Utopian dream.  Is it really about “global warming?”  Or is it about controlling the population? 

        Have we forgotten?  We very nearly avoided the imposition of so-called “Cap and trade” here in the U. S. which would have made “carbon credits” a commodity to be bought and sold in financial markets, with ruinous penalties for non-participation.  It's all part of the global warming scam that has made Al Gore fabulously rich.  Hopefully, Americans realize how close we came to what the French are now protesting under the “leadership” of Obama and his socialist sycophants in Congress, many of whom are still there and some of whom have just resumed prominence in the wake of mid-term elections. 

        Headlines blared that the protesters had won.  The Macron government caved, temporarily.  But the “protests” are not ending.  Paris is bracing for more and conceivably worse this weekend, calling up additional security forces just in case.  There is even concern that this uprising, now joined by ambulance drivers and police unions, could be used to drive Macron from power. To what extent the pent up anger may be directed against the mandates of the European Union or the onslaught of the third world, the media will never tell us.  Europe's governments and media are as corrupt as our own. 

        The atheistic push for one-world government has all but overtaken Western civilization.  Mainstream churches are in on it, cashing in on the importation of as many “immigrants” as they can, even encouraging the so-called “caravans.”  The United States hangs in the balance precariously with only a last patriotic President and his supporters standing in the breach.  If the left succeeds in criminalizing unapproved speech we'll all be out of business.  God have mercy and protect those that stand for His Laws against the evil push for a socialist, “gay,” One World Government.  “We don't worship government, we worship God,” as someone famously said.  


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