Inventory Control

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To provide information and techniques for maintaining a record of all church property in your local ICG church.

It is probably a good idea if not prudent to have some kind of control over your church property. Even a small fellowship group may begin acquiring property and in a short period of time have hundreds and thousands of dollars of inventory. This property will most probably be stored at a church owned building, a rented storage unit or scattered among the homes and garages of several brethren. If there is a natural disaster or a member moves away, items can be lost to the use of the church. Following are some suggestions for establishing your own inventory control.
  • Mark the church property with the name of the local church and an inventory control serial number.
  • Keep an official listing or database of the property.
  • Have a designated person to take care of the inventory records.
  • Property should be marked with the name of the local church and an inventory serial number. Some use address labels that print right off the computer or are filled out with a typewriter.
  • Incorporate a statement of church ownership into the inventory form that you create.

This document serves three purposes. It is the record of what the Any town Church of God owns. It is a record of items that we need. It serves as a buy list when we purchase the needed items. All property marked as "owned" is the property of the Intercontinental Church of God, in Tyler, Texas. None of the property marked as "owned" by the church is of any private ownership whether purchased with tithe money, donated money or given as physical property to the church. All donated physical property is documented as such on a local church document titled: Physical Donation Record. All property is given a serial number which is noted on this document. All other property that is used by the church but not documented is considered loaned by individual members.

Churches affiliated with the ICG retain the ownership of their property. This example mentions a Physical Donation Record which is a simple form officially transferring ownership of an item from an individual to the local church. This form removes any doubt as to whether the item in question was given or loaned to the church. Any item not marked with an inventory serial number is considered loaned to the church and its ownership remains with the individual.
  • Design the form to be multifunctional. The form can also be used as a property acquisition list, that is, a list of things that the church would like to have or is saving funds to purchase.

Note: This page welcomes your ideas and suggestions for inventory control. Contact us.

Note: No information, procedures or instructions in the Resource section are to be considered as church policy or directives. The Resource section offers suggestions and information to aid you in your own decision making process.