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27 March 2015                                       

Greetings to all.

We all fly at some point and probably most have our secret fears of flying. Events in Europe two days ago as now revealed have added to that list of fears. Now we might hope that airlines will take far more interest in the mental or psychiatric health of their pilots on a very regular basis and/or take steps to ensure there are always two in the cockpit. If it is not shoe bombers and taking the shoes off for the X ray machine it is now rogue pilots. It was reported that the co pilot of the crashed Germanwings Airbus had received treatment for depression several years ago. . Was he depressed before the plane took off? Reports of the conversation are that he and the captain spoke comfortably for the first part of the ascent but then it became perhaps terse on the co-pilots part and then the captain made the fatal mistake of going to the toilet. Whatever was in the co-pilots head there is now no doubt he was a mass murderer.

Mark will no doubt pick up on Middle East news in his update. We will publish that on our Facebook page  and on our GTAEA-Australia Blog page as soon as we can Sabbath afternoon.

The Federal Government this week managed to have the Senate pass it’s ‘meta data’ legislation requiring telcos and internet providers to keep all meta dat for a period of two years. Meta data does not mean emails etc, but rather data about other data. A good explanation is found here:

Of course the civil libertarians have been outraged but the issue is that there is no personal content retained – just data of a technical nature. The purpose is to assist in suspected, or post, serious criminal and/or terrorist activity. No individual not involved in such conduct should have the slightest concern but that did not stop a vehement campaign against. However, for once the socialist Opposition could see national security as over riding the usual mindless opposition to government legislation – especially legislation designed to fix the financial mess they left behind after six years. The opposition is still in denial on that score. However Labor’s support for the meta data legislation for once rendered the feral cross bench senators irrelevant. 

We are currently running four boosted posts on Facebook highlighting pagan Easter, Christ our Passover and the resurrection not on Sunday. The boosted post have to date passed by over 10,000 with a reasonable response rate. Check in if you have not already (providing you are on Facebook of course). 

The monthly letter from Mark is in the post and by the response to date many have already received their copy. If you would like the offered CD “Can You Lose Forgiveness” please get your request in as soon as you can. 

The GTA broadcast this week is , “The BIG Question”.

For now, have a very fine Sabbath. 


Murray Allatt