Intercontinental Church of God Correspondence Course - Lesson Twenty-four of Bible Correspondence--Answers

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Lesson Twenty-four - The Christian

This table shows the correct answers to the questions for Lesson 24.  The questions are generated from the doctrine on The Christian.  To check the text of the doctrine for each question and answer, go to the Check Text Page.

1]  A true Christian is one...

a] who is baptized
b] who has accepted Jesus Christ as savior.
c] who has the Holy Spirit dwelling in them.
d] who attends church regularly.                                       [c]

2] A true Christian...

a] has an attitude of mind and behavior that is consistent with the teaching and life of Jesus Christ.
b] follows God's way of life as expressed through His laws.
c] respects his or her fellowman.
d] strives for success in all areas of his or her active, abundant life.
e] all of the above                                                                             [e]

3] Disciples of Christ were called "Christians" because they were imitators and followers of the person and teachings of Jesus Christ.  True or False?          [True]

4] The term "Christian" today is extremely loosely and inaccurately used.  True or False?   [True]

5] Which statement describes a true Christian?

a] one who is born and reared in a Christian culture.
b] one who professes a belief in the person of Christ and acknowledges Him as savior.
c] one who is an imitator and follower of the person and teachings of Jesus Christ.
d] all of the above.                                                     [c]

6] To be a Christian, one must have the Holy Spirit dwelling in them.  True or False?  [True]

7] Before one can be baptized and receive the Holy Spirit, he or she must...

a] repent of sins.
b] express faith in Christ.
c] accept Christ as personal savior.
d] all of the above.                                                  [d]

8] A true Christian must live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.  True or False?

9] The greatest expression of obedience to God is demonstration of love toward God and toward neighbor.  True or False?            [True]

10] To express love and obedience to God, one must have the ____ _____ [what]? 
                                              [Holy Spirit]

11] Christianity is...

a] believing.
b] a way of life.                        [b]

12] A Christian is one whose whole outlook and frame of mind is in the process of transforming from carnal to spiritual.  True or False?              [True]

13] What scripture speaks of "pure religion undefiled"?

a] Galatians 2:20
b] James 1:27
c] Romans 14:13
d] Galatians 6:2                                       [b]

14] The Christian should strive to avoid...

a] judging others.
b] making spiritual comparisons.
c] offending those who are weak.
d] gossiping or spreading rumors.
e] all of the above.                                 [e]

15] Complete this sentence:

According to Ephesians 4:13, a true Christian is to compare himself or herself with ______ [who or what}?                                              [Christ]

16] Through the power of the Holy Spirit we are made to know Godly things.  True or False?                                                  [True]

17] A Christian strives toward gaining eternal life and entering the God family.  True or False?                                                  [True]

18] Christians are to be great examples of both spiritual and physical success.  True or False?                                                 [True]

19] Christians should take every opportunity to...

a] gain education.
b] establish career and professional development.
c] gain a good reputation in one's field.
d] gain social recognition.
e] gain financial rewards.
f] all of the above.                                [f]

20] God wants the Christian to be successful in all aspects of their physical lives.  True or False?                                                 [True]

21] Which of the following are false.

a] Christians should debate religion with others.
b] Christians should get others to believe as they do.
c] Christians should try to convert others.

                                              [all are false]

22] Which positive qualities should a Christian demonstrate?

a] giving as opposed to getting.
b] serving instead of being served.
c] love instead of selfishness.
d] accomplishing and building rather than tearing down.
e] all of the above.                               [e]

23] In the final analysis, all Christians should be totally identical in personality, personal tastes or preferences.  True or False?  (False)

24] The first of two overriding principles for the Christian that involve continuing and conscious recognition are...

One] Christianity is a way of life.

According to Colossians 3:17 what is the other?

[Everything we do as Christians should be done as if under the scrutiny of Christ]

25] Which of the following should be part of the Christian life?

a] use of tobacco.
b] good nutrition in a balanced diet.
c] consumption of alcoholic beverages in other than moderate amounts.
d] proper amounts of exercise and sleep.
e] avoiding bodily injury.
f] use of illegal drugs in any form.                      [b, d, e]

26] In matters of dress, the Bible teaches balance, good taste, quality and modesty.  True or False?                                                                    [True]

27] The church polices its members to insure proper dress codes.  True or False?  [False]

28] The church has never taken a stand against the observance of non-religious days such as (using the U.S. as an example):

Fourth of July
Labor Day
Memorial Day
Columbus Day
President's Day
Mother's Day
Father's Day
Wedding Anniversaries

True or False?                                       [True]    

29] The church has no specific doctrine concerning the celebration or observance of birthdays.  True or False?                                               [True]

30] National and personal holidays should never overshadow the observance of God's Holy Days.  They are not on a par with nor should they be elevated to the importance of the Holy Days of God.  True or False?                                      [True]

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