Special Notice

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This special notice regards the three outside links we give regarding leavening agents posted on the page from which you just arrived.  It regards these links you see on that page.

The Cook's Thesaurus
A Comparison of Leavening Agents
Wikipedia on Leaven

We have provided these three links for one and only one purpose:  to identify leavening agents.  As with ALL outside links, we are not responsible for ANYTHING you see on these sites that are in addition to the stated reason we provide the sites.  It has been pointed out that one or more of these links have unleavened recipes that contain unclean foods...unclean meats.  Clearly and by the Holy Word of God, we do not recommend you use, consider or even look at these recipes.

The sites listed above do have important and useful information on leavening agents and this is the only reason we provide them.

As it states in our general disclaimer, though we do our best to provide the highest quality information and web resources, we are not responsible for everything they have on their sites.   See our General Disclaimer now.  See our Medical Disclaimer now.