National Prayer Network - Letter from the Director

Dear Fellow Church Members:

As the person who established and continues to do his best to maintain the National Prayer List I have established rules regarding the posting of prayers so that the privacy of individuals can be maintained.

Occasionally, I will receive a prayer request from someone who, in the goodness of their heart, is requesting prayers for a friend, family member, member of the church, or sometimes all three wrapped into one. Those prayer requests sometimes contain very sensitive information about the individual or the individual's family. Such information sometimes includes criminal background activity, information about mental disorders, information about law suits, or other information that could negatively impact the individual if it became known to the wrong people. Additionally I, as the person who posts that information to the world at large, could be held liable for any damages resulting from law suits or libelous injuries.

I am asking everyone to please read the rules regarding the posting of information on the National Prayer List. Those rules can be found at the following link:   [also see below]

I respectfully ask that everyone please adhere to these rules. Any prayer requests that I receive that contain sensitive information I will post, but will delete the sensitive material or names, to protect those mentioned. Also, please be careful of assuming that everyone would like their private matters posted to the Internet. We all desire to pray for our friends, brethren and family who are in need of God's healing and certainly you have the ability to pray for them in private on your knees. However, please remember that the National Prayer List is a format to inform others of their need to pray for someone. Please obtain permission from the individual who is in need of healing before posting their information on the Internet.

I appreciate, in advance, your cooperation.

In Christ's Service,

Tom Griffith

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Rules of Submission to the National Prayer Network

To submit a prayer request please adhere to the following guidelines:

Please provide the following requested information about the person in need of prayers.
  • Name
  • Address
  • Whether or not the person needing prayers is a member of the ICG
  • Whether or not the person submitting the request is the subject of the
  • prayer request
  • Whether or not you would like the persons address listed so that they can be contacted by other church members.

Please do not type your narrative in all CAPITAL letters. All CAPS are considered the equivalent of shouting on the Internet. If your request is sent in all CAPS it must be retyped before being posted which is a time consuming process.

Your narrative will be placed on the prayer list exactly as written with the exception, that information which may be defamatory or embarrassing to the individual will be deleted from the narrative.
The following are examples of information that will be deleted from narratives for the protection of the individual or the individual's family:
  • Information about legal issues which are of a sensitive nature.
  • Information about possible criminal violations.
  • Accusations of a libelous nature.
  • Any information that the webmaster may determine to be embarrassing to the individual or the family.
If at all possible please obtain permission from the individual to place their name on the prayers list. Some individuals may not desire to have their personal information placed on the Internet for viewing by the entire world therefore if the prayer request is submitted by someone other than the individual in need of prayers, the last name of the individual may be omitted for their protection.

This web site reserves the right to edit prayer request narratives to protect the web owner and the subject of the prayer request from possible liability.