We Gather Together

(Hymn #15, Vol.2:Track #25)

Words, Anonymous Dutch Hymn, 16th Century; harmonized, Edward Kremser, 1877
GUITAR: Key of D



       D                              Em       A        D

We gath-er to-geth-er to ask the Lord's bless-ing,

      A                   Bm              E                   A

He chas-tens and has-tens his will to make known;

       A7              D                    A                D

The wick-ed op-press-ing now cease from dis-tress-ing,

        G                    A             Bm G    A7       D  

Sing prais-es to his name, he for-gets not his own.



     D                                   Em           A  D

Be-side us to guide us, our God with us join-ing,

     A                      Bm             E                   A

Or-dain-ing, main-tain-ing his king-dom di-vine,

     A7               D                  A                   D

So from the be-gin-ning the fight we were win-ning,

          G                          A     Bm G  A7     D

Thou, Lord, wast at our side, the glo-ry be thine!



      D                                   Em      A  D

We all do ex-tol thee, thou lead-er in bat-tle,

        A                    Bm             E                 A

And pray that thou still our de-fend-er wilt be.

      A7               D              A                    D

Let thy con-gre-ga-tion es-cape trib-u-la-tion;

       G                     A         Bm G     A7          D             G    D

Thy name be ev-er praised, O Lord, make us free! A - men.