Unless the Lord Shall Build the House
(Hymn #54, Vol.2:Track #23)

Psalm 127, Dwight Armstrong

GUITAR: Key of Eb CAPO 1: Play the following chords as if in the Key of D


                   G              A7           D                          A7                     D

Un-less the Lord shall build the house, The wear-y build-ers toil in vain,

                   D7                  G                                      D       A           D

Un-less the Lord the cit-y shields, The guards main-tain a use-less watch.

                   A          A7           D                                A          A7      D

In vain you rise ere morn-ing break.  And late your night-ly vig-ils keep,

                      D7                       G                            D         A7      D

And bread of anx-ious care par-take, God gives to His be-lov-ed sleep.




                     G         A7      D                            A7                        D

Lo, chil-dren are the gift of God, And sons the bless-ing He com-mands,

                         A             A7         D                              A            A7     

These whom in youth-ful days be-stowed, Are like the shafts in war-rior's



                   A                A7          D                          A           A7        D

And hap-py they whose quiv-ers bear, Full store of ar-rows such as these,

                  D7                          G                          D            A7    D

They in the gate are free from fear, And bold-ly face their en-e-mies.



                   G              A7          D                              A7                      D

That man is blest who fears the Lord, Who lives and walks in all His ways

                A        A7        D                         A           A7      D

For of his la-bor shall he eat, And he shall pros-per all his days.

                       A     A7        D                            A         A7      D

His wife shall be a fruit-ful vine, His chil-dren all like ol-ive plants.

                   D7                          G                          D           A7       D

Be-hold the man who fears the Lord, To him His blessing will af-ford.