Tell Me The Old, Old Story
(Hymn #56, Vol.2:Track #18)

A.Catherine Hankey, William H. Doane

GUITAR: Key of Bb CAPO 1: Play the following chords as if in the Key of A



A                             D   A       F#m                    Asus4 - A

Tell me the old, old sto-ry Of un-seen things a-bove,

     A                     D              A

Of Je-sus and His glo-ry, of Je-sus and His love,

E                E7      A                 B7            E - E7

Tell me the sto-ry sim-ply, As to a lit-tle child,

      A                      D                  A            E          A

For I am weak and wea-ry, And help-less and de-filed.



A                             D   A   E7                            A

Tell me the old, old sto-ry, Tell me the old, old sto-ry,

A                A7        D             A        E7        A

Tell me the old, old sto-ry Of Je-sus and His love.



A                          D      A          F#m              Asus4 - A

Tell me the sto-ry slow-ly, That I may take it in,

        A                     D                           A

That won-der-ful re-demp-tion, God's rem-e-dy for sin.

E                E7      A               B7              E - E7

Tell me the sto-ry oft-en, For I for-get so soon,

      A                    D                     A            E         A

The ear-ly dew of morn-ing Has passed a-way at noon.               (to Chorus)




Tell Me The Old, Old Story (cont'd)




A                          D     A           F#m                       Asus4 - A

Tell me the sto-ry soft-ly, With ear-nest tones and grave,

     A                           D                     A

Re-mem-ber, I'm the sin-ner Whom Je-sus came to save.

E                E7      A               B7                         E - E7

Tell me the sto-ry al-ways, If you would real-ly be,

    A                  D               A             E      A

In an-y time of trou-ble, A com-fort-er to me. (to Chorus)





A                               D   A            F#m                      Asus4 - A

Tell me the same old sto-ry When you have cause to fear,

        A                             D            A

That this world's emp-ty glo-ry Is cost-ing me too dear,

E                     E7                A             B7                      E - E7

Yes, and when that world's glo-ry, Is dawn-ing on my soul,

       A                      D                      A       E                 A

Tell me the old, old sto-ry, "Christ Je-sus makes thee whole".   

(to Chorus)