Stand Up For Jesus
(Hymn #67, Vol.2:Track #16)

George Duffield, George James Webb

GUITAR: Key of Bb CAPO 1: Play the following chords as if in the Key of A

(Chords in parenthesis are optional)




          A                       D              A                       E - (E7)

Stand up, stand up for Je-sus, Ye sol-diers of the word,

       A          (A7)    D                  A         E7             A

Lift high his roy-al ban-ner, and send it 'round the world,

         E                    A   (A7)      D        (Bm)     A - E7

From vic-t'ry un-to vic-t'ry His ar-my shall he lead,

      A        (A7)   D    (D7)               A           E7         A

Till ev-'ry foe is van-quished, And Christ is Lord in-deed.





          A                       D                A                      E - (E7)

Stand up, stand up for Je-sus, The trum-pet call o-bey,

         A        (A7)      D                 A         E7           A

Forth to the might-y con-flict, In this his glo-rious day,

     E                            A     (A7)     D            (Bm)          A - E7

Ye that are men, now serve him A-gainst un-num-ber'd foes,

      A            (A7)       D    (D7)        A               E7               A

Let cour-age rise with dan-ger, And strength to strength op-pose.








Stand Up For Jesus (cont'd)




          A                       D                   A                        E- (E7)

Stand up, stand up for Je-sus, Stand in his strength a-lone,

       A        (A7)         D                 A           E7            A

The arm of flesh will fail you, Ye dare not trust your own,

      E                     A (A7)          D             (Bm)     A - E7

Put on the gos-pel ar-mor, Each piece put on with pray'r,

            A      (A7)      D   (D7)      A        E7           A

Where du-ty calls, or dan-ger, Be nev-er want-ing there.





          A                       D                A                        E- (E7)

Stand up, stand up for Je-sus, The strife will not be long,

        A          (A7)       D                 A           E7           A

This day, the noise of bat-tle, The next, the vic-tor's song,

     E                      A    (A7)    D            (Bm)        A - E7

To him that o-ver-com-eth, A crown of life shall be,

      A           (A7)      D  (D7)         A         E7        A

He, with the King of glo-ry, Shall reign e-ter-nal-ly!