Save Me, O God, By Thy Great Name
(Hymn #37, Vol.2:Track #14)

Psalm 54, Dwight Armstrong

GUITAR: Key of Bb CAPO 1: Play the following chords as if in the Key of A



        A                      E7            A              D             E7        A

Save me, O God, by Thy great Name and judge me by Thy strength,

      A        D            C#      F#m        E              B7      E7

My prayer hear and to my words, O God, give ear to me.

      A             E             A7      D         C#   E7            A

For they that strang-ers are to me, do up a-gainst me rise,

      C#           D        B           E            D          E7         A    

Op-pres-sors do not care for God, but seek to take my life.



       A                         E7        A       D              E7    A

The might-y God my Help-er is, Lo there-fore I am bold.

     A          D            C#      F#m        E           B7         E7

He tak-eth part with ev-'ry one, that does my soul up-hold.

     A        E              A7        D             C#     E7          A

To all my watch-ful foes He will, their e-vil deeds re-pay,

    C#        D                B             E           D             E7    A    

O for Thy truth's sake cut them off, and take them all a-way.



   A                          E7   A             D           E7      A

A free will of-f'ring I to Thee will bring in sac-ri-fice.

         A         D              C#   F#m          E           B7     E7

Lord, of Thy Name, for it is good, Thy prais-es will I sing.

     A             E           A7        D             C#     E7      A

Be-cause He hath de-liv-ered me, from all ad-ver-si-ties,

       C#        D            B            E            D           E7    A    

And His de-sire mine eye hath seen, up-on thine en-e-mies.