Praise Ye The Lord, The Almighty
(Hymn #36, Vol.2:Track #11)

Joachim Neander, Lobe Den Herren, Catherine Winkworth

GUITAR: Key of G




G            D   G                   Bm               C               D7  G

Praise ye the Lord, the Al-might-y, the King of cre-a - tion!

G       D      G                      Bm          C                    D7 G 

O my soul, praise Him, for He is thy health and sal-va-tion!

G                C      G                                      D

All ye who hear, Now to His tem-ple draw near,

D7            Em           C-D7 G

Join me in glad ad-o-ra  -   tion!





G            D   G                      Bm               C                    D7    G

Praise ye the Lord, who o'er all things so won-drous-ly reign-eth,

G            D     G               Bm                  C                D7  G 

Shel-ters thee un-der His wings, yea, so gen-tly sus-tain-eth!

G                   C      G                                         D

Hast thou not seen How thy de-sires e'er have been

D7              Em              C-D7  G

Grant-ed in what He or-dain -  eth?






Praise Ye The Lord, The Almighty (cont'd)




G            D   G                       Bm               C                   D7     G

Praise ye the Lord, who with mar-vel-ous wis-dom hath made thee!

G                  D     G                       Bm                C                  D7      G 

Decked thee with health, and with lov-ing hand guid-ed and stayed thee,

G               C      G                                           D

How oft in grief Hath not He brought thee re-lief,

D7                    Em               C-D7 G

Spread-ing His wings for to shade thee!





G            D   G                 Bm          C           D7   G

Praise ye the Lord!  O let all that is in me a-dore Him!

G          D     G                      Bm                    C                D7  G 

All that hath life and breath, come now with prais-es be-fore Him!

G             C     G                                        D

Let the A-men Sound from His peo-ple a-gain,

D7             Em           C-D7 G                C     G

Glad-ly for aye we a-dore   Him.                A - men.