Mt. Zion Stands Most Beautiful

(Hymn #31, Vol.2:Track #6)

Psalm 48, Dwight Armstrong

GUITAR: Key of C


       C           G7      C          F              C          G7     C

The Lord, E-ter-nal is most great and great-ly to be praised,

        G7      C      F        B7          C        G7     C - C7

With-in the cit-y of our God, up-on His ho-ly hill.

           C7     B7                C9        F         C7        

Mount Zi-on stands most beau-ti-ful, the joy of all the land,

       F      C7      F           D7             G7                       C

The cit-y of the might-y King, doth on her north side stand.



        C        G7     C          F         C      G7       C

With-in her pal-a-ces our God is for a re-fuge known,

      G7      C            F      B7        C          G7         C - C7

For to, the kings as-sem-bled, to-geth-er they did come.

          C7        B7        C9   F                  C7        

When they be-held it, all a-mazed, they fled in great dis-may,

       F         C7           F          D7             G7                       C

And be-ing trou-bled at Thy sight, they thence did haste a-way.



     C           G7            C             F        C     G7      C

As we have heard, we saw with-in the cit-y of our God,

      G7     C             F           B7          C              G7     C - C7

The cit-y which the Lord of Hosts es-tab-lished ev-er-more.

      C7       B7        C9            F                C7        

We of Thy lov-ing kind-ness thought, in Thy most ho-ly place,

    F          C7         F          D7             G7                        C

O God ac-cord-ing to Thy name, Thy praise fills all the earth!