Mine Eyes Upon The Lord
(Hymn #23, Vol.2:Track #5)

Psalm 25, Dwight Armstrong

GUITAR: Key of F CAPO 1: Play the following chords as if in the Key of E



         E                                                 B7      E

Mine eyes up-on the Lord con-tin-ual-ly are set,

      B7               E                A           C#m      F#      B7

For He it is that shall bring forth my feet out of the net,

        E                     B7                                 E

Turn un-to me Thy face, and to me mer-cy show,

      E                      A                    E                 B7     E

Be-cause that I am des-o-late and am brought ver-y low.



      E                                                               B7          E

My heart's griefs are in-creased, re-lieve me from dis-tress,

      B7                       E          A             C#m   F#          B7

See mine af-flic-tion and my pain, and all my sins for-give,

       E                        B7                                     E

Con-sid-er Thou my foes be-cause they man-y are,

       E              A                        E         B7           E

And it a cru-el ha-tred is which they a-gainst me bear.















   E                                                       B7     E

O do Thou keep my soul, do Thou de-liv-er me,

       B7                  E      A              C#m     F#        B7

And let me nev-er be a-sham'd be-cause I trust in Thee,

      E                          B7                                         E

Let up-right-ness and truth keep me, who Thee at-tend,

     E                              A                   E        B7          E

Re-demp-tion, Lord, to Is-ra-el from all his trou-bles send.