Love Lifted Me

(Hymn #49, Vol.2:Track #4)

Author Unknown

GUITAR: Key of Bb CAPO 1: Play the following chords as if in the Key of A



A                                                                           E

I was sink-ing deep in sin, Far from the peaceful shore,

E7                                                                          A

Ver-y deep-ly stained with-in, sink-ing to rise no more,

A                                                                            D

But the Mas-ter of the sea Heard my de-spair-ing cry,

D            Cdim5  A                        E7        A

From the wa-ters lift-ed me, Now safe am I.





A      E7       A                        D

Love lift-ed me!  Lord lift-ed me! 

D                     A                        B7               E7

When noth-ing else could help, Love lift-ed me.

A      E7      A                         D

Love lift-ed me!  Lord lift-ed me! 

D                     A                        A      E7           A

When noth-ing else could help, Love lift-ed... me.











Love Lifted Me (cont'd)





A                                                                   E7

All my heart to him I give, Ev-er to him I'll cling,

E7                                                                        A

In his bless-ed pres-ence live, Ev-er his prais-es sing,

A                                                                               D

Love so might-y and so true Mer-its my soul's best songs,

D             Cdim5  A                        E7        A

Faith-ful, lov-ing ser-vice, too, To him be-longs.





A                                                                              E7

Souls in dan-ger, look a-bove, Je-sus com-plete-ly saves,

E7                                                                    A

He will lift you by his love Out of the an-gry waves,

A                                                                         D

He's the Mas-ter of the sea, Bil-lows his will o-bey,

D           Cdim5  A                      E7           A

He your Sav-ior wants to be, Be saved to-day.