Lord, I Will Praise Thee!

(Hymn #58, Vol.2:Track #3)

Psalm 138, Dwight Armstrong

GUITAR: Key of Db CAPO 1: Play the following chords as if in the Key of C



C      (G-C) F        C       D7   G             C

Lord, I will praise Thee with my whole heart,

C                  Dm    C      G     D7      G

I'll sing Thy prais-es be-fore all the gods,

F      C     (D)  C     C7              Am (C7) F

Wor-ship and bow t'ward Thy ho - ly     place,

D7    C   D      C       Am       C      G7       C

Prais-ing Thy Name for Thy kind love so true.





C      (G   - C)   F        C     D7    G       C

More than Thy Name Thy Word is en-larged,

C                 Dm   C         G    D7             G

And when I cried in that day Thou didst hear,

F       C           (D)    C   C7           Am      (C7) F

Thou strength-ened me with Thy strength, O   Lord,

D7     C  D   C      Am          C      G7          C

Kings of the earth will then hear, prais-ing Thee.








Lord, I Will Praise Thee! (cont'd)



C     (G -  C)    F       C D7    G        C

Yes, they shall hear, O Lord of Thy ways,

C                      Dm  C           G   D7    G

Then shall they sing for Thy glo-ry is great,

F           C    (D) C     C7         Am (C7) F

Though God is  high the poor He  re  -  spects,

D7  C        D    C       Am             C    G7            C

But strikes the proud down from His sover-eign height.





C          (G-C) F       C  D7   G      C

Though in the midst of trou-ble I walk,

C                    Dm   C             G      D7           G

Thou wilt pre-serve with Thy right hand, my life,

F       C    (D) C   C7         Am  (C7) F

Thou wilt ful-fill Thy pur-pose for   me,

D7  C       D    C     Am       C     G7     C

Thy stead-fast love will en-dure ev-er-more.