In Thy Loving Kindness, Lord
(Hymn #34, Track #32)

Psalm 51, Dwight Armstrong

GUITAR: Key of G



G                     D7            G            D                  C

In Thy lov-ing kind-ness, Lord, be mer-ci-ful to me,

Am       D           B7           Em  A7             D7

In com-pas-sion great blot out  all in-iq-ui-ty.

G                             D7         Em          Am       E7                 Am

Wash me thor-ough-ly from sin, from all guilt cleanse Thou me,

A#dim5   G             C        B7   Am   D7     G

For trans-gres-sions I con-fess, sins I ev-er see.





G                           D7       G                 D                 C

'Gainst Thee on-ly have I sinned, done e-vil in Thy sight,

Am           D              B7        Em  A7                    D7

That Thou speak-ing may be just, and in judg-ing right.

G                D7         Em        Am        E7           Am

My in-iq-ui-ties blot out, my sin hide from Thy view,

A#dim5  G      C               B7      Am     D7       G

And   in  me a clean heart make, spir-it right re-new.









In Thy Loving Kindness, Lord (cont'd)



G                             D7             G           D                   C

From Thy gra-cious pres-ence, Lord, O cast me not a-way,

Am         D        B7      Em   A7                   D7

And Thy Ho-ly Spir-it take not from me, I pray,

G                           D7        Em        Am      E7      Am

Joy which Thy sal-va-tion brings a-gain to me re-store,

A#dim5   G        C         B7     Am        D7     G

With Thy spir-it free do Thou keep me ev-er-more.




G                      D7           G              D                     C

Sac-ri-fice dost Thou not want, else would I give it Thee,

Am          D       B7          Em    A7                    D7

And with of-fer-ing shalt Thou not de-light-ed be.

G                   D7      Em   Am    E7      Am

For a bro-ken spir-it is to God a sac-ri-fice,

A#dim5  G          C             B7     Am          D7       G

And   a   bro-ken, con-trite heart, Thou wilt not de-spise.