How Excellent Is Thy Name!

(Hymn #14, Track #24)

Psalm 8, Dwight Armstrong

GUITAR: Key of F CAPO 1: Play as if in the Key of E



        E                    B7                C#m        B7               E

How ex-cel-lent in all the earth, Lord our Lord is Thy name,

         E                       E7      A              B7                     E

Who hast Thy glo-ry far ad-vanced A-bove the star-ry frame.

         G#                             G#7                 E                 D#             G#

From mouths of babes and in-fants, Lord, Strength by Thee is or-dained,

     E                    E7         A                   B                         E

So that Thy en-e-mies be crushed, Thy venge-ful foes re-strained.



          E                   B7                  C#m               B7                E

When I look up un-to the heav'ns Which Thine own fin-gers framed,

     E                         E7      A                 B7                        E

Un-to the moon and to the stars, Which were by Thee or-dained,

        G#                    G#7                 E              D#              G#

Then may I, what is man that Thou should be mind-ful of him?

     E                        E7            A            B                            E

Or what, the son of man, that Thou So kind to him should be?



      E                               B7            C#m       B7           E

For Thou has made Him lit-tle less Than the an-gels a-bove,

        E                        E7      A           B7                           E

With glo-ry and with dig-ni-ty, With hon-or crown'd his head.

      G#                      G#7                  E              D#             G#

Ap-point-ed Lord of all Thy works, All things un-der His feet,

      E                         E7           A               B                     E

All sheep and ox-en, yea, and beasts That in the field do stray.