God of Our Father

(Hymn #5, Track #18)

National Hymn, Daniel C. Roberts, George W. Warren

GUITAR: Key of Eb CAPO 1: Play the following chords as if in the Key of D




D    (Bm)   D                           A          D

God of our fa-thers, whose al-might-y hand

D        Bm       F#m      E                   A

Leads forth in beau-ty all the star-ry band

A                F              Am            E            A

Of shin-ing worlds in splend-dor thro' the skies

D    G            D             G          Asus4-A    D

Our grate-ful songs be-fore thy throne   a - rise.





D    (Bm)    D                        A       D

Thy love di-vine hath led us in the past,

D Bm        F#m      E                    A

In this free land by thee our lot is cast,

A                 F         Am           E               A

Be thou our rul-er, guard-ian, guide, and stay,

D    G              D           G            Asus4-A D

Thy Word our law, thy paths our cho-sen  way.







God of Our Father (cont'd)




D      (Bm)     D                              A       D

From war's a-larms, from dead-ly pes-ti-lence,

D  Bm           F#m       E                    A

Be thy strong arm our ev-er sure de-fense,

A                F         Am     E            A

Thy true re-li-gion in our hearts in-crease,

D    G                D               G           Asus4-A  D

Thy boun-teous good-ness nour-ish us       in   peace.





D   (Bm)      D                        A             D

Re-fresh thy peo-ple on their toil-some way,

D      Bm       F#m       E                      A

Lead us from night to nev-er-end-ing day,

A               F              Am         E           A

Fill all our lives with love and grace di-vine,

D    G          D             G           Asus4-A  D                   G     D

And glo-ry, laud, and praise be ev  -   er  thine.               A - men.