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Posted below is general information regarding the Intercontinental Church of God. See also Weekly Updates.

Web Sites

Mailing Address
Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association
P.O. Box 747
Flint, TX 75762

Intercontinental Church of God
P. O. Box 1117
Tyler, TX 75710

Street Address
17444 Hwy 155 South
Flint, TX 75762

Telephone Numbers
Headquarters office:
Phone: (903)561-7070
Fax: (903)561-4141

E-mail Addresses
Web Site Office:


Holy Day Calendar

Some have asked regarding where to send their tithes. May they tithe locally, and if so what percentage can be tithed to the local church. Since tithing is a private matter of faith, the following is merely informational. As a general rule of thumb it is okay to give up to one half of your tithe locally with the remaining going to the headquarters office. See the Field Church Guidelines for more information.

Anointed Cloths
Anointed cloths are available from your area coordinator. If you do not have an area coordinator, contact us by phone, fax, email or regular mail.

Request Anointed Cloth

Phone: (903) 561-7070

Fax: (903) 561-4141

Regular Mail:
P. O. Box 1117
Tyler, TX 75710

Local churches may ask for a supply of anointed cloths.

Video Tape Program
The purpose of this program is to provide video tapes to ICG churches, fellowship groups and small groups of ICG brethren scattered abroad. If you desire to be on the Video Tape Program contact us.

Audio Tape Program
The purpose of the Audio Tape Program is to provide audio tapes of sermons given at the Headquarters Church in Tyler, TX to anyone desiring them. If you desire to be on the audio tape program contact us.

Feast Sites
See Feast Site Links

Prayer Requests
National Prayer List