Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Why are there 3 web sites representing the church?
  2. What is the Web Site Office?
  3. What technologies does the Web Site Office use?
  4. What new technologies can we expect in coming months?
  5. Will you ever do weekly Internet webcast of services from Tyler?
  6. You have stated that you have plans for webcasting Feast.
    We are webcasting from Lake Tahoe. How is this different from broadcasting weekly sermons from Headquarters or a local church?
  7. Suggestion Received:
    The Web Site Office often receives e-mails suggesting we webcast the entire Feast service to people back home.
  8. Will the TV program on the Internet ever completely replace our use of television broadcasting?

1] Question: Why are there 3 web sites representing the church?   

Answer: The Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association site is exclusively for the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ which is the First Commission.

The Intercontinental Church of God site is exclusively for the feeding of the flock which is the Second Commission. One site is for the world and one site is for the congregation. Surveys of other church sites have shown that using one site to appeal to both the general public and the congregation is less effective.

The Gateway to the Local ICG Web Sites is a single web site [] where we create local ICG web sites for those church towns requesting this service of us.  They put in this request because they have no one in their area with the expertise or means to put up their own site.  Some local churches DO put up their own site and we list them too on the main directory of this site.

2] Question: What is the Web Site Office?

Answer: The Web Site Office, in simple terms, is the Internet arm of the work that the Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association is conducting.  It primarily consists of three web sites. The EA site is the gospel-spreading web site and specifically reflects everything Mr. Armstrong is doing. The Church site is an aid for local ICG churches. It provides a number of resources for local churches.  The Gateway site houses local ICG web sites.

3] Question: What technologies does the Web Site Office presently use?    (back the top)

Answer: In the first days of the Web Site Office, the staff was new to the Internet and what could be accomplished with its technologies. We did not even know how to put up a web site. Events moved fast and we learned about the Internet and web site design.

Through the years we have added a number of technologies and new versions of software.  We are creating video, as well as the audio for sermons and Bible studies.  We are doing more webcasting.  We now incorporate a meeting room on the Internet for webcasts which are recorded in audio.  Thousands of hours have been added to our sites.  We are using both FrontPage and Expression Web to create, redesign and maintain web sites.

In  March 2012, we celebrate our fourteenth anniversary.

4] Question: What new technology can we expect in the coming months?  (back the top)

Answer: At the current time [year 2012] we are conducting limited webcasting of Bible Studies and Sabbath services to geographically remote members and congregations.  Members sign-in to the meeting room and see a live video web cast from the minister at the Web Site Office.  All webcasts are audio recorded for the greater church.  See the Audio Bible Studies homepage. This program will soon include more ministers and an increase in on-line webcasts.

5] Question: Some months back you stated in a Web Report that one of your goals was to broadcast weekly services from Tyler. Is this still on the drawing board?    (back the top)

Answer: Actually it is not. After much discussion with Headquarters, we decided there are many reasons why this would not be practical. We do not recommend that any local church broadcast their services. Members are generally in their local churches on the Sabbath, so the need to broadcast the service is not needed. Some local ministers do post their sermons on the local web site and this is fine. We just do not recommend live broadcasting. We post many minister sermons on both the EA and Church sites. In fact, we have the capability of having minister sermons recorded and placed immediately on the web site. This could prove to be useful for Holy Day sermons, which Headquarters presently sends out in CD/DVD format. By placing them immediately on the web site, we save a certain amount of CD/DVD duplication, and postage costs.

6] Question: You have stated that you have plans for broadcasting Feast sermons and having these sermons available on the web site. How is this different from broadcasting weekly sermons from Headquarters or a local church?        (back the top)

Answer: The Feast is a unique situation. For one, Mark Armstrong has traveled to a number Feast sites, often experiencing numerous takeoffs and landings, not to mention the time and cost involved. With live and tape delay broadcasting, Mr. Armstrong is precluded from having to do all this traveling. In addition, some Feast sites often find themselves short of credentialed speakers and ministers for the eight days of services. This is especially true of our Feast sites outside the United States. Further, some people are not able to attend the Feast for the specific reasons of sickness, infirmity, being of advanced age and/or for financial reasons. These people would be able to access Feast sermons posted at the Church web site during the Feast. They would not be able to see live broadcasting, but would be able to have the sermons.

7] Suggestion Received: More than one person has contacted the Web Site Office suggesting we webcast the entire Feast service to people back home.  (back the top)

Answer: We are currently doing this on a very limited basis to geographically isolated members and congregations who are unable to attend the Feast of Tabernacles.  We would not consider doing this on a massive basis, partly because of cost and partly because of the temptation by some to remain home for the Feast and just watch the webcasting.  God commands our attendance at the Feast if it is at all possible.  See our booklet, "Why God Commands Our Presence at His Feast!" It is posted at the Evangelistic Association web site at:  

8] Question: Will the TV program on the Internet ever completely replace our use of television broadcasting? (back the top)

Answer: Not anytime soon. As long as there is television broadcasting, we will seek airtime on stations around the country and around the world. There is talk in the industry of a combining of television and the Internet. Instead of having television sets, as we have today, there will be "media centers". Both the Internet and broadcast television will be accessible from the same unit. This would be a wonderful development for the Work of God as we continue to develop our Internet capabilities. If you have any questions for the Web Site Office, let us know and we would be happy to answer them for you.