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Church Organization

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This page will outline possible organizational structures for local ICG churches. All meet the requirements of the Field Church Guidelines of the Intercontinental Church of God.

Local Church Organization

As has been brought out in a number of sermons by Mr. Armstrong and in published articles, the physical, human elements of church organization are at best, the weakest link in any organization. Many types of local organizations have been tried and have been adopted by local churches of the Intercontinental Church of God (chartered and affiliated). This page will list some of these organizational elements for your consideration and understanding. Fellowship groups will not be discussed as their situation is fully covered in the Field Church Guidelines.


Chartered Churches of the Intercontinental Church of God: Affiliated Churches of the Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association:

Elements To Consider

Chartered Churches: Affiliated Churches The subject of this page is an open forum. If you have observations, suggestions or comments about local church organization, please contact us.

Note: No information, procedures or instructions in the Resource section are to be considered as church policy or directives. The Resource section offers suggestions and information to aid you in your own decision making process.