Specific Bible Studies 22 - Healing

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The purpose of this Specific Studies page is to explore all we know about our doctrine [teachings and beliefs] on Healing.

This particular doctrine happens to be our largest. Most of our doctrinal statements do not exceed 5,000 words. The one on healing has more than 16,000 words. This fact precluded it from being a part of our Bible Correspondence course. Therefore we devote this whole section to the subject of healing.

This subject is divided into three sub-sections, each designed to aid you in your studies.

  • Survey of the Doctrine - ...an in-depth dissection of the doctrinal statement into its various sub-subjects and key statements.
  • Bible Study - ...same format as the Bible Correspondence course, with test questions for review.
  • Resource Center - ...all video, audio and text we have on the subject.
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