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Specific Bible Studies - Bible Foods - Wheat

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SUBJECT: Bible Foods - Wheat

(from International Standard Bible Encyclopaedia)

(hwet) ( (1) chiTTah, the specific word for wheat (Gen 30:14; Ex 34:22, etc.), with puros (Jth 3:3; Sir 39:26); (2) bar, or bar (Jer 23:28; Joel 2:24; Amos 5:11; 8:6); in other passages translated "grain" or "corn"; (3) sitos (Matt 3:12; 13:25,29-30; Luke 3:17; 16:7; 22:31, etc.) (for other words translated occasionally "wheat" in the King James Version see CORN; FOOD)): Wheat, usually the bearded variety, is cultivated all over Palestine, though less so than barley. The great plain of the Hauran is a vast expanse of wheat fields in the spring; considerable quantities are exported via Beirut, Haifa, and Gaza. The "wheat harvest" was in olden times one of the regular divisions of the year (Ex 34:22; Judg 15:1; 1 Sam 12:17); it follows the barley harvest (Ex 9:31-32), occurring in April, May or June, according to the altitude.

(From The New Unger's Bible Dictionary)

Figurative. On account of its excellence as a food, wheat is a figure of good men, as tares are of evil (Matt 3:12; 13:25,29-30; Luke 3:17).