Intercontinental Church of God Feast 2018 - Where Speakers are Attending

The purpose of this document is to inform all Feast Coordinators of where ministers and credentialed speakers are going for the ICG Feast.  "CS" = Credentialed Speaker.

Lake Barkley

Panama City Beach

Kings Beach/Tahoe

Myrtle Beach

Mike Partridge- Coordinator Stan Roberts - Coordinator John Mitchell- Coordinator - S Kelly Pierson - Coordinator
Wayne Graves, minister Dave Overstreet, Jr. minister Chris Cumming, minister Robert Nunnery - Asst. Coordinator
Bob Ayers, deacon      



1= sermonette credential  2= sermon credential   S= song leader   SS= split sermons                       back to Feast homepage




James Ricks - Coordinator Trevor Smith - Coordinator Murray Allatt - Coordinator Ron Harmon - Coordinator
Bruen Craig, minister Anthony Miles - Coordinator    

1= sermonette credential  2= sermon credential   S= song leader   SS= Split Sermons                         back to Feast homepage

---Need to know which men on this page are song leaders.