West Plains, Missouri

30 July 2011 Sabbath Services Dr. James Ricks

West Plains, MO : West Plains... More than meets the eye


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Call Mr. Michael Sedlock at 417-469-5701

Mr. Michael Sedlock
Dr. James Ricks
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Dear Friend:

This is an invitation to attend a new group beginning on July 30, 2011. This group supports the worldwide work of the Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association.

Everyone is invited to attend Sabbath Services with Mr. Michael Sedlock, as experienced speaker working under the tutelage of Dr. James Ricks, a graduate and former faculty member of Ambassador College.

Call Mr. Sedlock at 417-469-5701, if you wish to attend with brethren who are learning how to survive the rough years ahead, and finish the worldwide work of God.

The services will be very Bible oriented. They will help prepare you to spot the coming deceptions as the world moves closer in line with the end of the age and the return of Jesus Christ. You will learn how to avoid the big lie and the great falling away that result at the emergence of the prophesied beast and false prophet.

If you have any questions, call Dr. Ricks: 573-335-7499. For service details and directions call Mr. Sedlock at 417-469-5701.

Hope to see you there. You�ll be welcomed.

Dr. James Ricks

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