Temple Terrace, Florida

28 July 2018 - Special Sabbath Meeting- 12:00 PM - Mark Armstrong - David Overstreet, Jr.

Hilton Garden Inn Tampa North
13305 Tampa Oaks Blvd.
Temple Terrace, Florida 33637
(813) 342-5000

David Overstreet Jr.


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Special Sabbath Meeting

July 28th @ 12 pm. Hilton Garden Inn Tampa North, 

13305 Tampa Oaks Blvd, Temple Terrace, FL 33637

It’s a surreal time in which we live. The lunatics run the asylum, from the fascist group-think that has taken hold on university campuses across America; to the unbelievable fracas going on in the nation’s top law enforcement agencies; to the torrent of false and heavily slanted reporting across all mainstream media platforms.

Add to that the tinderbox that is threatening to catch fire in the Middle East and a pope who is willing to upend every Christian concept to appeal to the liberal, socialist ideology practiced and embraced throughout the Western World. There is no doubt, we live in a time unique in all of history.

If you’d like to be brought up to date on these subjects and others, plus the avenues we’re using to spread the Good News about what lies in the future, we hope you’ll come to our meeting July 28 at 12:00 pm. I will be there along with my son Michael and his family. Our minister in the area is Mr. David Overstreet, Jr. and he will also be a featured speaker. We’ll have refreshments and opportunity to converse with others of like mind.


Mark Armstrong

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