The Church Site  


Scope and Purpose of the site.

The Church site is for all things pertaining to the feeding of the flock [John 21:16-17].

The Church site is arranged in four sections.  The sections buttons are found at the top of most main pages.  Here are the section buttons:

Home Quick Links Church Directory Church News Member

The first two buttons are the Homepage and Quick Links.  What you find on Quick Links are links to the most visited pages found in the four sections.

Church Directory This is our primary church directory. Includes church documents, Feast of Tabernacles information, doctrines.
Church News Section contains announcements and news from local ICG and affiliated churches and fellowship groups around the world. Includes Special Announcements.
Member Resources Section contains a great number of resources and information valuable to the individual church member and family. Includes the Church Library.
Church Resources Section contains a great number of resources and information valuable to the local church congregation.

Each of the four sections is color-coded.  If you are on a page with a green background, you must be in Member Resources.  If the background is yellow, you are in the Church News section.

When you are on any section page, the buttons on the left are to all the pages in that section.  Every section has a homepage.  Click on any of the
green links in the left column of the table above to visit those section homepages.

Following is an example of the navigation buttons you find on the left-hand side of most main pages in the site.  These are the page buttons you see in Church News [Yellow background]

  What's New  
  Special Announcements  
  Web Report  
  ICG Newspaper  
  Photo Gallery  
  Web Servant's Page  
  Weekly Updates  
  Australia Report  

 Notice how the Photo Gallery button is of a different color.  This indicates you are in the Church News section on the Photo Gallery page.  You instantly know what section and page of the web site you are viewing.  Now notice the button array on the Quick Links page.

Notice the color-coding here.  Except for the Gateway site and GTA E-Mail Alerts buttons, the rest identify from what section of the web site they are.  Special Announcements is in the News Section.  Bible Class is in Member Resources.