The EA Site  

  Scope and Purpose of the site.

The Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association web site [EA] is the gospel-spreading arm of the Work of God.  It houses the continuing work of Garner Ted Armstrong.

All things Garner Ted Armstrong are found here.

Most everything can be found using the button array you find at the top and on the left-hand side of most main pages.

The following photo shows the top of the homepage of the site.  The seven most popular sections of the web site are immediately available to the visitor.  The
red Home tab indicates you are on the homepage.

Notice the three links under the Booklets tab:  Breaking News, Good News and Site Map.  These, too, are popular page of the web site.  In the white area you can see our Quick Links.  These happen to all be prophecy-related.  We change up these links from page-to-page throughout the web site.  Let us now take a look a portion of the main navigation array found in the blue panel on the left-hand side of most main pages.

The white navigation buttons are arranged under yellow subject headings.  The visitor can quickly get to video, audio or text files.  The subject headings are:


Just click on the white links to go to those pages.  As this button array is found on most main pages, navigation is both quick and precise.

The Focus subject heading is where we have the links to Announcements, the Feature page and a page posting the obituary of Garner Ted Armstrong.  The Announcement page is where we post the personal appearances of Mark Armstrong.

The Feature page has actually become a directory of several feature pages.  Many of these feature pages bring together all the resources of one subject area. The feature page on Prophecy brings all video, audio and text on the subject to a single page.  We do the same on the Evolution, Trinity, and "When I Die, What Happens Next?" pages.  Use these to quickly find anything we have on those subject areas. 

 We will be adding this Feature Page idea to the Church site as we go along.  Each one will be a directory focusing on one subject.

A word about Booklets:

We have the booklet section arranged in three sub-sections as you see here:


Booklets arranged in alphabetical order.
Booklets arranged by general subject headings.
Hard Copy
Listed are titles available in hard copy. Many may be viewed and printed on-line as well.  Any booklet not listed in the section is only available online.  To request free booklets, use the Literature Request Form.

Not all booklets are currently in print.  This is why we have a booklet in hard copy page.  From this page, the visitor can see and order booklets we actually have in print.

Video and Audio

We have a directory to all the video and audio files we have posted at all three web sites.  You will find it in Quick Links at the Church site:  click Audio - Video Section.