Intercontinental Church of God Correspondence Course - Lesson Twenty-two of Bible Correspondence--Answers

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Lesson Twenty-two - Prophecy

This table shows the correct answers to the questions for Lesson 22.  The questions are generated from the doctrine on Prophecy.  To check the text of the doctrine for each question and answer, go to the Check Text Page.

1]  God has no power over human events.  Rather He just watches what unfolds.  True or False?  (False)

2] The primary function of predictive prophecy is to show the sequence of events culminating in the return of Christ and the establishment of the Kingdom of God on Earth.  True or False?  (True)

3] God is the Governor over the nations of Earth.  True or False?  (True)

4] Prophecy proves God's existence.  True or False?  (True)

5] God has left mankind in the dark regarding what He has planned.  True or False?  (False)

6] Jeremiah 18:7-10 shows...

a) the relationship between prophecy and morality
b) that it is God who establishes and builds countries and kingdoms
c) that God can destroy a nation if He so wills
d) that God will repent of the evil He has decreed against a nation if they repent
e) that God can bring evil against a nation He has established
f) that nations can repent of their evil
g) all of the above                                                (g)

7] Regarding prophecies...

a) some are the result of visions or dreams
b) some are result of direct communications with heavenly beings
c) some are clear and to the point
d) some are vague and ambiguous

True or False?   (True)

8] Some Bible prophecies have already been fulfilled.  True or False?  (True)

9] The focal point of both Old and New Testament prophecies is...

a) God, the Father
b) the nation of Israel
c) Jesus Christ
d) the Kingdom of God                           (c)

10] For any specific prophecy to be properly understood, it must be seen against the context of Christ's second coming.  True or False?  (True)

11] According to Matthew 24:22, in the end time, world conditions will be such that...

a) many nations will be at war
b) millions will be killed
c) all life will end
d) millions will die of famine and disease                   (c)

12] As to location, most end time prophecies focus on...

a) the Middle East and Jerusalem
b) the United States
c) China and Japan
d) Europe                                       (a)

13] Daniel 11 speaks to a future event in which the king of the East will push at the king of the West.  True or False?    (False, the king of the South shall push at the king of the North)

14] What king will attack into the Middle East and Israel like a whirlwind?

a) South
b) North
c) East
d) West                                 (b)

15] Daniel 2 and Revelation 13 and 17 speak to the resurrection of the Roman Empire.  True or False?  (True)

16] The only worthwhile test of prophecy is "will it or will it not take place."  True or False?  (True)

17] As world events come to an awesome conclusion, a complex series of seals, woes, trumpet blasts and plagues are unveiled.  True or False?  (True)

18] At the climax of all these events [question 17] is the return of Christ, at which time the dead in Christ will be resurrected and changed to spirit to rule with Christ.  True or False?  (True)

19] At the return of Christ, He will be opposed by a system called "Babylon" and its leaders called "the Beast" and the "antichrist".  True or False?  (True)

20] No biblical prophecy has ever failed.  True or False?  (False, the citizens of Nineveh repented)

21] The identity of certain 21st century nations in terms of their ancient names is important in the understanding of current and future events.  True or False?  (True)

22] In prophecy, the tribe of Israel, known as Manasseh is today...

a) the British Commonwealth
b) the United States
c) France
d) China                                        (b)

23] The tribe of Israel, known as Ephraim is...

a) the British Commonwealth
b) the United States
c) France
d) China                                        (a)

24] According to Jeremiah 30:7, the time of the end is also known as...

     "the time of _______ trouble"     (Jacob's)

25] In the end time trouble, the House of Israel will be attacked and taken captive.  True or False?  (True)

26] The success record of correctly predicting future events and dates is quite good.  True or False?  (False, it is rather meager.)

27] According to Luke 21:36 we are to...

     "_____ at all times [what?]           (watch)

28] The design of prophecy is that it be understandable...

a) by reading it in the Word of God
b) by diligent study
c) as it unfolds                    (c)

29] It is prophesied that some of God's servants will prophesy in the end time.  True or False?  (True)

30] The Bible strongly encourages the prediction of dates regarding prophetic events.  True or False?  (False)

31] According to 1 Corinthians 13:2, the most important element in the Salvation Process is...

a) knowledge and understanding of prophecy
b) strong faith
c) love                        (c)

32] Prophecy is placed in scripture to be analyzed and appreciated in a Christian's relationship to God.  True or False?   (True)

33] The best approach in analyzing prophecy is to...

a) let prophecy guide you to understanding of current events
b) let current events guide you to understanding of prophecy          (b)

34] The most important prophecy of all is the return of Christ.  True or False?  (True)   

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