Intercontinental Church of God Correspondence Course - Lesson Twenty-one of Bible Correspondence--Answers

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Lesson Twenty-one - Sin

This table shows the correct answers to the questions for Lesson 21.  The questions are generated from the doctrine on Sin.  To check the text of the doctrine for each question and answer, go to the Check Text Page.

1] Sin is the transgression of the ___ [what?]   (law)

2] God will gladly forgive sin...

a) upon repentance
b) acceptance of the shed blood of Christ
c) baptism
d) all of the above                  (d)

3] Complete this verse from 1 John 5:17:

All ______________ is sin.    (unrighteousness)

4] From Romans 5:13 we learn that sin cannot be imputed where there is no ___ [what?]  (law)

5] By the law one can identify sin.  True or False?  (True)

6] If one ultimately experiences the second death in the lake of fire (Revelation 20:15) will it be because of...

a) sin
b) law              (a)

7] Christ came to do away with the law and commandments.  True or False?  (False)

8] Christ came to amplify the law of God to include the spirit and intent of the law. True or False?  (True)

9] According to amplified law, hating your brother is the moral equivalent of murder.  True or False? (True)

10] Probably the most insidious of sins is...

a) murder
b) adultery
c) self righteousness
d) covetousness                       (c)

11] The power of sin is universal.  It permeates every nation, every race and every citizen.  True or False? (True)

12] The recognition of the full reality of the almost omnipresent problem of sin in one's life is the first step toward - indeed it's the major part of - the solution to the problem. True or False?  (True)

13] God defines His way of life by His law.  True or False?  (True)

14] According to Romans 14:23, Whatsoever is not of _____ is sin [of what?]  (faith)

15] If a person believes in his or her mind that a certain action is a sin, even though it cannot be shown to be a sin in the Bible, then, to this person it is a sin.  True or False?  (True)

16] Sins of omission are still sins.  True or False?  (True)

17] Not helping the poor or needy when one is able to do so (in time, effort or money), it is a sin.  True or False?  (True)

18] When we experience temptation, this too is sin.  True or False?  (False)

19] When we experience temptation, we should feel guilty.  True or False?  (False)

20] Which of the following statements are true?

a) Jesus experienced temptation
b) sins don't just happen but are the result of a process
c) all sins begin with a thought
d) the sins process ends in the death of the sinner
e) all statements are true                                                     (e)

21] Spiritually speaking all sins are equal.  True or False?  (True)

22] God originated sin to test man.  True or False?  (False)

23] Sin originated in...

a) God
b) the world
c) Satan
d) man                        (c)

24] Sin entered the world by...

a) God
b) Satan
c) man                         (c)

25] Sin can be ...

a) by commission
b) by omission
c) individual
d) national
e) affecting self
f) affecting others
g) all of the above                    (g)

26] Sin blinds and deceives the sinner to the reality of God's truth.  True or False?  (True)

27] Forgiveness of sin by God is only possible by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  True or False? (True)

28] Repentance must be earned through obedience to God.  True or False?  (False, it is a gift of God)

29] Repentance is a one-time action.  Once one repents, he repents for all past and future sin.  True or False?  (False)

30] Repentance must be done on a daily basis.  True or False?  (True)

31] There is no condemnation to them in the Spirit (the Salvation Process).  True or False?  (True)

32] Jesus Christ is our mediator and intercessor before God.  True or False?  (True)

33] God knows that all of mankind will eventually repent of sin.  True or False?  (False)

34] One who refuses to repent of sin or rejects God's forgiveness of sins has committed the unpardonable sin.   True or False?  (True)

35] God is not willing that any should perish.  True or False?  (True)

36] According to Hebrews 9:22, there is no forgiveness of sin without the ________ of _____. (shedding, blood)

37] God's primary plan is to reproduce Himself.  True or False?  (True)

38] To do this [God reproducing Himself] God gave mankind the right and capacity to make their own choices and to guide their own actions, thoughts and lives. True or False?  (True)

39] God has given man the right and capacity to do evil.  True or False?  (True)

40] God did this [question 39] so man would learn the futility of doing evil.  True or False?  (True)

41] When God forgives us our sins, He forgets them.  He wants us to do the same.  True or False? (True)

42] God's forgiveness of sins defeats Satan's plan to turn man from God.  True or False? (True)
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