Intercontinental Church of God Correspondence Course - Lesson Seventeen of Bible Course--Answers

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Lesson Seventeen - Ten Commandments

This table shows the correct answers to the questions for Lesson 17.  The questions are generated from the doctrine on Ten Commandments.  To check the text of the doctrine for each question and answer, go to the Check Text Page.

1) Which of the following is false?  The 10 Commandments are...

a) revealed by God
b) ratified and magnified by Christ
c) the perfect expression of God's love
d) the foundation of biblical teaching
e) showing man how to express love toward God and fellowman
f) are the focal point of the Christian life
g) are no longer required
h) all of the above                                          (g)

2) Historians have recognized the vital importance of these ten major precepts to our culture even when they gave little importance to the Old Testament as a religious document.  True or False?                             (True)

3) Jesus never told anyone to keep the commandments.  True or False?   (False)

4) Finish this verse from Matthew 19:17:

"If you will enter into life ____ ___ ___________" [3 words]   (keep the commandments)

5) Finish this verse from James 2:10:

"For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point he is _____ __ ____"
[3 words]      (guilty of all)

6) Finish this verse from 1 John 2:3:

"And hereby we do know that we know him if we ____ ___ ___________" [3 words]
(keep his commandments)

7) Finish this verse from 1 John 2:4:

"He that saith I know him, and keepeth not his commandments __ _ ____ [3 words] and the truth is not in him."    (is a liar)

8) Finish this verse from 1 John 3:22:

"And whatsoever we ask we receive of him, because we ____ ___ ____________."
(keep his commandments)

9) Which phrase best completes this sentence?  The entirety of the law - both its major and minor points - has the object of teaching us:

a) what His demands are
b) How narrow the road to Salvation is
c) what godly love is
d) the burden of being a Christian                       (c)

10) Man by human nature first worships himself.  True or False  (True)

11) Which best completes the sentence?  Worship of God for its own sake is completely possible only by...

a) obedience
b) sincerity
c) belief
d) the Holy Spirit                                          (d)

12) It is quite permissible to have a symbol of God or Jesus to aid you in your sincere worship of them.  True or False?    (False)

13) What we do in our worship, the Work of God, what we do, what we teach and how we teach it directly reflect on God.  True or False?    (True)


14) Which apply?  The Sabbath is...

a) kept on Saturday
b) from sunset [even] Friday to sunset [even] Saturday
c) is a memorial of creation
d) points to God as Creator
e) a physical rest
f) a spiritual renewing
g) point to the over all plan of God
h) all of the above                                           (h)

15) Which does not apply?  Parents are...

a) the first authority in a child's life
b) first source and object of love
c) infallible
d) necessary step in learning to love God, who is infallible       (c)

16) Which is worse?

a) killing a person
b) hating a person
c) both equally bad                                  (c)

17) Caring for the safety of your fellowman is an important element of the sixth commandment.  True or False?   (True)

18) Which of the following are related to a discussion of the 7th Commandment?

a) adultery
b) rape
c) homosexuality
d) bestiality
e) sexual relations with near kin
f) living together outside wedlock
g) all of the above                                             (g)

19) Respect for the property of others includes them, their family, their possessions and their property (real estate).  True or False?   (True)

20) The ninth commandment is best understood and kept by invoking the godly principle of ________ [what]    (honesty)

21)  The 10th Commandment shows us that both love and sin begins in the mind with a thought.  True or False?    (True)

22) The 10th Commandment is...

a) Spirit in form and content
b) concerned with the act of covetousness, such as envy or revenge
c) concerned with the unlawful desire of the mind.
d) all of the above                                                              (d)

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