Intercontinental Church of God Correspondence Course - Lesson Nineteen of Bible Correspondence--Answers

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Lesson Nineteen - Judgment

This table shows the correct answers to the questions for Lesson 19.  The questions are generated from the doctrine on Judgment.  To check the text of the doctrine for each question and answer, go to the Check Text Page.

1] Not every person who has ever been born will have an opportunity for salvation.  True or False?

2] Sadly, those who lived out their lives never hearing the name of Jesus Christ will not have an opportunity for salvation.  True or False?  (False)

3] Actually, everyone who has ever lived will have their opportunity to know all truth, enter the Salvation Process and, if successful there, enter the Kingdom of God with eternal life.  True or False? (True)

4] All of mankind receives the opportunity at salvation at the same time.  True or False?  (False)

5] Judgment is...

a) a sentence [to life or death]
b) a process
c) a period of time in which a person's mind is opened to understand the plan of God
d) a period of time in which one's actions are under daily scrutiny by God
e) all of the above                       (e)

6] For most people this period of judgment covers a period of many years.  True or False?  (True)

7] When does God make a decision whether or not a person shall enter His Kingdom?

a) soon after He calls you to a judgment period
b) sometime during the judgment period
c) at the end of the judgment period
d) any of the above                              (c)

8] Judgment and reward are the same thing.  True or False?    (False)

9] How many judgment periods does God have in His salvation plan?

a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4                             (c)

10] The first judgment period began with the creation of man and will end at the return of Jesus Christ to this earth.  True or False?    (True)

11] The judgment period for the present day Church of God is now.  True or False?  (True)

12] Those God is calling now are for the express purpose of...

a) preaching the gospel to the world as a witness
b) to prepare to become rulers in God's millennial Kingdom
c) both
d) neither                                        (c)

13] Those who have qualified for God's Kingdom from Adam to the return of Christ shall be resurrected as spirit beings...

a) soon after their death
b) at the return of Jesus Christ to this earth
c) during the 1,000-year reign of Christ on the earth
d) at the end of the 1,000-year reign of Christ                         (b)

14] The second period of judgment will be...

a) 100 years in length
b) 500 years in length
c) 1,000 years in length                      (c)

15] The millennial reign of Christ marks the second period of judgment.  True or False?  (True)

16] Offspring will continue to be born during the 1,000-year reign of Christ.  True or False?  (True)

17] The third judgment period is known as...

a) the First Resurrection
b) the millennium
c) the White Throne Judgment
d) all of the above                                        (c)

18] The White Throne Judgment is also known as the Second Resurrection.  True or False?  (True)

19] The Second Resurrection is for all those people who lived and died without having their opportunity at salvation, never having heard about Jesus Christ or the plan of God.  True or False?  (True)

20] Those resurrected in the White Throne Judgment or Second Resurrection are resurrected to...

a) physical life - a physical body
b) spiritual life - a spirit body                                 (a)

21] The longest judgment period, in terms of numbers of people involved, is the...

a) first judgment period - creation of man to the return of Christ
b) second judgment period - 1,000-year reign of Christ
c) third judgment period - approximately 100-year period after the millennium         (c)

22] God wants...

a) all to come to the knowledge of God and obtain salvation
b) to remain unconcerned one way or the other
c) to pour down His wrath upon all of mankind                   (a)

23] Not everyone offered the opportunity at salvation will accept it.  True or False?  (True)

24] The three judgment periods exemplify the...

a) wrath and harshness of God toward mankind.
b) fairness, concern and love of God toward mankind
c) lack of specific concern toward mankind                        (b)

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