Healing - How to use this section

How to use the Healing section.

The Healing section is designed to give members a better understanding of the Healing doctrine of the ICG.

The section is divided into three areas:

This is the button array you see on the homepage of the Healing section.

Our suggestion is you go through the survey of the doctrine before using the Bible Study and Resource Center.  The survey is designed to give you through grasp of this largest of our doctrines.

The buttons above take you to the homepages for each of those sub-sections.  All the pages related to those sub-sections are accessible from those homepages.

Survey of the Doctrine

In the Survey of the Doctrine, we breakout the doctrine into its several sub-subjects and key statements.  Your study of each one will give you a commanding grasp of the whole doctrine.  The main, primary page of the Survey of the Doctrine is here.  The doctrine is broken out into 146 separate parts [usually a single paragraph or two].  Each part is followed by a table giving the sub-subject, such as "God vs. Medical Science" or "Member responsibility" and the key statement matching that topic.  On this page, one can read through the doctrine and each of its sub-subjects as they come up in the doctrine.

From these sub-subjects, we have made other pages with which you may study the topics piecemeal.  The first is the "sub-subjects by paragraph."  This page simply takes the primary survey page and removes the doctrine and leaves the key statements in order, by paragraph number [1-146].  We have the same sub-subjects by paragraph page arranged by subjects so that you may see all the key statements of the doctrine by these sub-subjects.  This page has a printer-friendly and pdf versions for those desiring to study the doctrine with hardcopies.

Next, we gather all the sub-subjects into separate pages.  One page holds all key statements on "Godly purpose".  Another holds all key statements on "Cause of sickness" and so on.  All these pages are accessed from a single-page directory here.  This page is called the, "Sub-subject Homepage."

We finish up this section with a copy of the doctrine with links to every scripture referenced.  This page is entitled:


Scripture Cross-reference


Bible Study

The Bible Study for the Healing doctrine is set up just like the Correspondence Course.  The Healing doctrine was not originally made a part of the Correspondence Course because of its size.

The user reads through the doctrine, then answers a series of True and False questions found at the bottom of the same page.  There is also a printer-friendly version of the questions here.

The answers come in three different versions:

The Bible Study sub-section is then finished up with a Check-Text page.  Here, the user, can reference where in the doctrine the question and answer originated.  At the top of the Check-Text page is a table linking the number of the test question with the numbered paragraph of the doctrine.

Resource Center

This sub-section brings together all the text, audio and video we have on the subject of Healing.  It incorporates links to the Bible Study and Survey of the Doctrine sub-sections.  Three notable pages in this sub-section are:

Healing Checklist
This is a proactive checklist compiled from the doctrine that covers the times before and after the sickness or injury arises.

Overall Conclusions
This page is our conclusions and comments from the entire Healing section.

Doctrine vs. PEBs
his document makes clear distinction between the doctrines of God which bind us together as a congregation and the many "personal elements of belief" [PEB] each of us hold as part of our individual faith before God.

For a graphic of the organization of our Healing doctrine, be sure to see the Site Map for the Healing section.