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What do Easter eggs, rabbits, chocolate bunnies and hot-cross buns have to with the resurrection of Christ? Nearly all of the symbols and customs involved in the modern observance of Easter originate from ancient pagan European mythology and superstition. Those ancient pagan symbols have simply been taken over into mainstream Christianity and given a pseudo-Christian veneer. The Easter egg is an ancient European fertility symbol. The Easter bunny was long revered in Europe as a fertility symbol of the love goddess Venus. Hot cross buns go back to pagan offerings on ancient holy days, but today the cross replaces the pagan symbols or images. The problem is - the pagan customs and symbols obscure the real meaning of the death of Christ, and the true symbolism associated with it-the bread and the wine (Matt.26:26-28). Easter is the slightly changed English spelling of the name of the ancient Assyrian, Teutonic goddess of spring-Ishtar. Webster's dictionary defines Easter as "the prehistoric name of a pagan spring festival." "There is no indication of the observance of the Easter festival in the New Testament, or in the writings of apostolic fathers" (Encyclopedia Britannica, 11th edition). This eminent history shows the first Christians continued to observe the Passover. Many today eat pork or ham at Easter in spite of the fact God says the swine or the pig is not fit for human consumption (Lev. 11:7). Anciently, Easter was a pagan festival which used to commemorate the Friday death and supposed Sunday resurrection of Nimrod, the false pagan savior. Tradition says Christ died on a so-called "Good Friday" and was resurrected on a Sunday morning. The Bible shows Christ died on a Wednesday afternoon in 31 AD, and was resurrected after 3 days and 3 nights, on a Saturday afternoon just before sunset-which happens to be the true Sabbath day which was never changed by God.

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