The Salvation Process     [card 3 of the Salvation Process series]

 List of Godly Principles or Fruits of the Spirit
Honesty Persistence Forgiveness Compassion
Courage Love Faith Encouragement
Fairness Gentleness Giving Goodness
Growth Human Dignity Integrity Joy
Longsuffering Meekness Nurturance Patience
Peace Potential Process Quality
Service Temperance Trust Truth

 As card 3 says, "principles are the territory."  The "territory" is the character of Christ.  When we value the character of Christ, we begin and are in a lifetime process of making His territory [the fruits of the Spirit above] our character.  This is how we become like Christ Meditate continually on how to make these principles habits in your life.

                                                                                                              Instructions:  Print this page.  Cut out cards.  Affix to both sides of 4x6 card stock.

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